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An ordinary Bruine Kroeg, but still not… We like high-quality brews and properly cooked food made of local and fresh ingredients. Nothing less than local food and beer from all over the world! You can find dishes from our á la carte menu in our Dining Room. If you wish to dive into our Pub Menu your welcome to drop by our pub section, where there’s a place for both small and large companies.

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Each Saturday during the season we arrange open Beer Tastings at De Klomp, themes and content vary from week to week.

Beer Tastings


Here at De Klomp we stick to genuine, fresh ingredients; cooked straight forward, with much heart and without frills.

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When you, as we do, have more than 40 Beer Taps you need to keep your tongue in your mouth and know what you’re doing.

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Upcoming Beer Tastings

April 20, 2019

Öppen ölprovning – en historisk resa genom ölvärlden

Samuel håller en provning som tar oss från ölets födelse till nutid, och kanske in i framtiden. Vem vet? Blandade stilar för att belysa viktiga händelser utlovas.

Efter provningen har bar och kök öppet som vanligt.

Varmt välkomna!