Bottled Beer

Beers from all over the world is squeezed into our beer coolers, or at least from all the places where there's a vivid beer culture.

Our selection is constantly evolving and we look for new exciting beers to serve on a daily basis. Our aim is to find beers from small producers in USA, Belgium, Great Britain and Denmark - but we also have beers from less known places. The Bottled Beer list is updated continuously, you can find it in print in the bar.

In our guest taps

(with reservation that thirsty costumers... empty kegs)

Each week we add new kegs from different producers to our guest taps. You can find the current available beers in print in the bar. We only connect beers we like to our taps, and passionately choose beers to fit all different tastes. We are not attached to any special supplier, but cooperate with brewers that we like and can supply beer of the highest quality.

Draft Beer

To serve draft beer is simple. To operate a draft beer facility is a little more tricky. When you, as we do, have more than 40 Beer Taps you need to keep your tongue in your mouth and know what you’re doing.

We own and operate our draft beer facility by ourselves. Partly because we don't like to be tied up, but also because we want to have 100% control of our operation. Everything from selection to quality assurance.
Two separate cooling cells and two quick coolers keep the beer at right temperature. Different types of beers need different conditions, and we strive to create as good conditions as possible for each beer.

You can always find at least two local draft beers at De Klomp!

Other beverages

Not only do we serve great beer, we also provide an intinamte selection of wine, cider and noble distillates.

Wine, cider, bourbon, cognac, whisky or calvados. We carefully select quality producers that we like, with a focus to be able to offer a wide selection with something to fit every taste and get along with the dishes on our menu.


No matter if you want alcoholic or non alcoholic, you can always find a suitable drink on De Klomp.

When it comes to low alcoholic or non alcoholic drinks, there is always severel different choices available.

We can offer everything from Rudenstams to Cider, soda and high quality beer from some of the most reputable breweries. Light lager from Clausthaler or Imperial Mild from BrewDog. We have both of them and lots in between.