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Served in our Dining Room and pub

On Mondays only pub menu applies

Our Food & our Ingrediens

Here at De Klomp we stick to genuine, fresh ingredients; cooked straight forward, with much heart and without frills. Our chefs proudly cooks all our food from scratch.

The meat served here has mostly been running around in pastures of the Ostergotland County, and is always Swedish. Our cheeses come from the neighborhood aswell. Fish and shellfish only heritages from healthy seas where the craftsmanship of fishing is carried out with the natures best in mind. We like to buy vegetables and mushrooms from small-scale actors; please contact us if you wish to sell your commodities to us.

After the horse meat scandal and all the bad puns about it, the horse meat now got a permanent place on our menu.

Since we always cook our food from scratch, we can always tell you the exact ingredients and adjust our recipes if you're allergic to something. There's always vegetarian dishes on our menus.