Open Beer Tasting

Every saturday during the season we arrange open Beer Tastings at De Klomp, themes and content vary from week to week. We always taste 6 beers in a relaxed atmosphere.

We normally start the tastings at 16.00 it takes just about an hour. Deviations from our ordinary times are presented in the information of each tasting.

There is no need to make reservations for our open beer tastings, but there is be a limited number of seats available, so make sure to be there in time. We open the doors 15 minutes before the tasting starts. Upcoming tastings will be presented below as they are planned. Starting price is 250 per person, but deviations can occur when the theme is extra exclusive beer.

If you’re driving, is pregnant, or just not in the mood for a beer, you can attend the tasting and drink non-alcoholic/wine/cider instead.
The price is the same, 250 per person.
Let us know when you order and we will find you a fitting drink.